All books to learn German in one place through on telc Deutsch-Box

All books to analyze German in a single region via on telc Deutsch-boxr

The telc Deutsch-box is a unfastened app from telc gGmbH and enables you to down load all virtual files from the telc teaching substances for German as a second and foreign language. This includes each audio documents and vocabulary lists in distinctive languages.

About the application telc Deutsch-Box

All books to learn German in one place through on telc Deutsch-Box

It is one of the very important applications in the field of reading, specifically in knowing everything that is going on about the German language and in a large way and therefore it is already one of the most important applications within Germany and significantly due to the fact that you will find your way through this application and its very distinctive and unique location, so we have tried as much as possible to We explain everything about this site and the application completely with how to use them optimally well and therefore we have tested it in many things through books and what they are, and we found that it is very special

Application steps on telc Deutsch-Box

  • Step 1: Open the app
  • Step 2: pick the textbook and, if applicable, the sub-quantity which you are presently working with.
  • Step 3: you can call up the audio or PDF documents with the aid of tapping the icons. Download the files you want. All downloaded files can also be accessed offline.
  • Step four: by using tapping it, you may play the audios or view the textual content documents with a PDF viewer for your tool. You may delete the downloaded documents at any time.

The most important books inside the application

All books to learn German in one place through on telc Deutsch-Box

  1. Einfach gut! Deutsch für die Integration A1.1. Coursebook with integrated workbook
  2. Einfach gut! Deutsch für die Integration A1.2. Coursebook with integrated workbook
  3. Einfach gut! Deutsch für die Integration A2.1 Intensive Training

Features of the telc Deutsch-Box application

  • Below Settings you can switch among German and English and regularly update the content of the app.
  • It has a very distinctive graphical interface and is very powerful
  • You will only need to pay and receive the desired book easily. It is possible via your personal email or by downloading a PDF file.

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Video About This App

How can I log in through the site and start registering through the site

  • You can enter the intended site through this link
  • You can enter the intended  Android App through this link
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