German driver certification program through Website fahren-lernen

German driver certification program through Website fahren-lernen

Do you want to obtain your driver’s license while you are in Germany Are you over the age of 17 to start your driving test in Germany

So if your age is already over 17 years old, all you have to do is follow this website for issuing a driver’s license inside the state of Germany and easily so

that you can identify the most important conditions and features that must be available and their presence in you so that you can extract your new car licenses fahren-lernen

So let’s learn more about this giant site in the field of driving learning certificates

What is a site fahren-lernen

German driver certification program through Website fahren-lernen

  • It is a site through which you can simply learn about the methods and how to obtain a driving certificate within the state of Germany
  • You can start your training as soon as you are 16 ½ years old. You can take the theory test three months before your 17th birthday. One month before your 17th birthday you can prove your skills to the examiner in your practical test.
  • It depends on the right accompaniment!
    With the BF 17 you are only allowed to travel with one or more accompanying persons. You have to state this when submitting your application. The accompanying person (s) must meet the following criteria
  • Link driving learning website and driving certificate issuance is Click Here

Important Video About How Can You Learn A Drive In German

The most important features of the driving certificate program fahren-lernen

  • You must be at least 30 years old. You must have had a class B (formerly class 3) driving license for at least 5 years without interruption
  • It may not have more than one point in the register of fitness to drive (from May 1st, 2014) or a maximum of 3 points in the central traffic register (until April 30th, 2014).
  • And You must have less than 0.5 per thousand blood alcohol while driving.
  • But do not worry, the accompanying person is not your “assistant driving instructor”. You alone are the “responsible vehicle driver”. The companions are also recommended to be instructed in the task by a driving school.
  • Although the training is the same as with the “normal” driver’s license at 18, instead of the familiar plastic driver’s license card, you will receive a so-called test certificate from the BF 17. It is valid as a driver’s license and your companion is also there. It is valid for a maximum of 3 months after you turn 18. So that you can drive alone from the age of 18, you have to submit an application for the classic card driving license in good time.
  • As soon as you hold the examination certificate in your hands, your probationary period begins.
  • When driving, you must have your examination certificate AND your ID with you. There is no picture of you on the examination certificate The examination certificate is valid throughout Germany and Austria. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to drive it in other countries
  • To get to this area, please log in under “MY ACCESS” with your access data or register if you do not have any access data yet. Why register Are you not only interested in the subject of driving licenses, but want to know more about mobility? As a registered user, exclusive information and functions are available to you. You do not have to be a learner driver to register.

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How do I enroll in the German Driver Certificate Program

German driver certification program through Website fahren-lernen

  • First, click here on the link and through the registration process
  • And through the attached picture, all you have to do is enter your data in the order according to what is required inside the link shown above
  • After registering through the link, you will then have to wait about 24 hours for your request to be answered

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