Top 5 apps to learn German on your phone

There are many learning applications, including useful in learning voice conversations, texts, sentences, camera translation, and others

But often we do not benefit from it at all and look for an alternative.

So, in this lesson, we will dedicate the five most important applications that help you learn the German language

Which is one of the most difficult languages in the world

The importance of language

Language is a broad way to receive the different cultures of the world and communicate with each other in an understandable way and helps to form societies

In addition, it brings countries closer together and facilitates the exchange of experiences and useful information

So we will start explaining the most important applications that help in learning

And easily through your mobile phone, quite easily, and just a few steps


LingoDeer is one of the best applications that helps to facilitate learning, memorize sentences, translate words and learn in a very fun way in a short time, with its distinctive features and specialized in learning in various different ways

Learn German Podcast

Learn German Podcast app is well known
It is considered the best application for learning the German language by listening, as it is a radio that helps in listening to sentences and words very quickly, facilitates the language and helps simplify it

German Words

The application of crossword puzzles in the German language, where the application is characterized by being very effective where the student can learn what he wants from sentences and words in the German language

Save it and return to it in time


Learn 34 languages around the world with this amazing application in a very funny and funny style, where you can learn through pictures and translated sentences for any language you want

In addition, it contains beautiful colors that give a wonderful view to learning without getting bored

German Audio Trainer

A very nice application to learn German by voice. It helps to provide audio texts in the original German language. When listening to it, it helps in improving the dialect and strengthening the language.

Contains more than 100 audio recordings in German and translated for all languages around the world

In addition, it contains new features for modern and simple learning methods

last glimpse

All these applications help in learning, especially the German language simply, as well as other languages if you want to learn it

One of the best outstanding applications of this year and is found in all Google Play Store and App Store and can be seen online as well

We hope that the lesson is useful and that the applications help in learning, and these five applications can be used on the phone and in all versions.

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